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Physiological Reviews

Details: Physiological Reviews is a journal published quarterly by the American Physiological Society which has been published since 1921.: 75 The editor in chief of the journal is Sadis Matalon (University of Alabama at Birmingham). The journal's first managing editor, who served to his death in 1946, was Dr. Donald R. Hooker.: 156 Among the cadre of editors at the journal's inception were William

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Software management review

Details: A Software management review is a management study into a project's status and allocation of resources. It is different from both a software engineering peer review, which evaluates the technical quality of software products, and a software audit, which is an externally conducted audit into a project's compliance to specifications, contractual agreements, and other criteria.

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Reviews of Geophysics

Details: Reviews of Geophysics ( ISSN 0096-1043) was established in 1963. Between February 1970 and November 1984 it was named Reviews of Geophysics and Space Physics ( ISSN 0034-6853 ). Throughout the years its frequency varied. It was quarterly in 1970–74, five per year in 1975, quarterly again in 1976–78, eight issues in 1979, quarterly in 1980

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Cochrane (organisation)

Details: Cochrane, previously known as the Cochrane Collaboration, was founded in 1993 under the leadership of Iain Chalmers. It was developed in response to Archie Cochrane 's call for up-to-date, systematic reviews of all relevant randomised controlled trials in the field of healthcare. In 1998, the Cochrane Economics Methods Group (CEMG) was

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Four Word Film Review

Details: The Four Word Film Review (FWFR) is an interactive website founded in 1999 by Benj Clews. It is an online database of film summaries, all written in four words or fewer and submitted by site members. The database currently contains more than 275,000 reviews covering some 25,000 films. The Four Word Film Review was nominated in 2005 for a Webby Award in the Humor category.

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Wikipedia:Review aggregators

Details: Use in articles. Index of usable sources: Editors can visit Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic to find film reviews that can then be used to illustrate critical reception. If a specific review is considered for inclusion, always ensure that it is a reliable source.The "Top Critics" at Rotten Tomatoes and the critics at Metacritic are generally considered reliable and authoritative sources and are

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Critical Review (Brown University)

Details: The Critical Review is a student publication that produces reviews of course offerings at Brown University.The student group that produces it is also called the Critical Review.The reviews are written by Brown students from course evaluation questionnaires distributed to class members in the final days of the academic semester. Its purpose is to help students make informed course choices and

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